• National Parks of Africa

    Africa national parks belongs to the most frequented ones worldwide. Especially vast national parks of East Africa are very popular. Savanna is the most typical ecosystem in this region. Extraordinary national parks can be found in Madagascar with rich endemic fauna and flora.

  • National Parks of Asia

    In Asia is found the richest spectrum of national parks worldwide. It is because of its huge area. Various national parks in all- tropical rain forests and deserts, in high mountains and on coral reefs can be visited. Very rich species diversity can be found especially in the South and Southeast Asia.

  • National Parks of Australia and Oceania

    National parks of Australia and New Zealand are unique because of extremely high number of fauna and flora endemic species in all ecosystems. Oceania national parks are usually marine reserves protecting coral reefs ecosystem.

  • National Parks of Europe

    National parks of Europe seems to be mostly typical reserves of the temperate zone. Subtropical parks can be found on the South and subractic or arcitic ones on the North of the continent. Usually parks are easy to access with a nature protection done in an excellent way.

  • National Parks of North America

    The most famous national parks of North America can be found at mountain ranges of the western part from Alaska up to Mexico border. The most typical ecosystems are mountains, temperate zone forests and alpine ecosystems. Further national parks can be found in the prairie regions and at sea coasts. Biodiversity is usually comparatively poor.

  • National Parks of South America

    Extremely rich biodiversity is a feature of the South America region. Great number of national parks are situated in the tropical zone. Further parks are in mountains or in the cooler parts of the continent. Galapagos have an extraordinary position among all other national parks of the region.

Worldwide National Parks

Welcome to the Worldwide National Parks website. This webside provides an unique summary of ecotouristic information necessary for ecotouristic journeys and expeditions planning. The database could be used as an information source for various ways of ecologic, zoogeographic or geobotanic work.

Based on an individual request there is an option of consultation or help with ecotouristic trips and expeditions offered. Journeys to national parks worldwide can be organized. This kind of activities are supported by our scientific knowledge and many years experience.